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Works with individuals in corporate, non-profit and faith-based organizations to help them discover their passion, fulfill their life’s purpose and unleash their full potential; so they can deliver great results and achieve their goals.

“Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.”

– John C. Maxwell

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testimonials: hear the good news

  • "Yvonne coached me on a personal level..."

    "I had the opportunity to be coached by Yvonne Mitto. As a business development specialist, I was at a standstill. I needed to obtain more clients to call on and I needed to expand new avenues for business. Yvonne coached me on a personal level as she helped me to understand my greatest strengths and how I could maximize on those strengths. She also coached me on my job as she helped me more strategically to develop a plan to fill my pipeline with new accounts and open more doors. I was excited about going to work each day with my goals in focus and my plan at work. I was calling on more people in 6 weeks than I had called on in the last 8 months. I had more appointments in the last 2 months than I have ever experienced on this job. My creativity also increased leading me to gain even more traction into new accounts & building new relationships I would not have had. I highly recommend Yvonne Mitto as a coach and a leader who can take a person from where they are to where they need to go."

    Sheila Kimball | Business Development Specialist
  • "Ability to empower others..."

    "Yvonne has been my coach, mentor, associate and friend. I admire her strength and desire to excel for the kingdom. She gives of herself to others so they can become who God wants them to be. She exemplifies what John C. Maxwell says, "A leader is great, not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.” Yvonne ensures that each person she mentors or coaches utilizes their capability to reach their full potential. I admire her leadership skills and I continue to learn from her."

    Rev. Irose Gordon
  • "Yvonne is an extraordinary leader, mentor and role model..."

    "Yvonne is an extraordinary leader, mentor and role model for women professionally and personally. She has planned and executed many regional financial events, seminars and workshops with a spirit of excellence. It is such a privilege to partner with her on all efforts."

    Diane Miller
  • "Yvonne is a highly skilled leadership..."

    "I have known Yvonne for many years, and it is my privilege to recommend her. Yvonne is a highly skilled leadership and management trainer/speaker with a passion for excellence. She brings real life experiences into her speaking and is very relational in making critical points on improving lives at work and at home. Yvonne has the rare ability of understanding the need and clarifying the training to the specific need of the audience. Yvonne is a team player and is interested in improving and encouraging everyone to lead better lives than they did before they met her, no matter who they are, or where their interest lies. I highly recommend her for leadership training and/or speaking."

    Charlie Hogue
  • "Absolutely challenged my way of thinking..."

    "Yvonne has been a caring mentor to me for over a year. During our meetings, she was always able to see my strengths and potential even when I could not. She asked questions that absolutely challenged my way of thinking so I would grow and develop personally and professionally."

    Valerie Gaulin
  • "Everyone leaves with solid takeaways..."

    "It's been our pleasure to have Yvonne teach many cohorts of young professionals over the last several years, primarily on managing their personal finances. They come from a range of experience and training on the topic. But everyone leaves with solid takeaways, both in practical application and also the overarching spiritual principles of stewarding money for our own well-being and the common good. Yvonne's a great trainer. Fun, too!"

    Kelly Alvin Madden, Ph.D.

Yvonne Mitto 

Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Mentor

Having spent 15+ years in a fortune 100 company in the finance, human resources and communications organizations, Yvonne understands the key role leadership plays in all aspects of business. Her passion is to help individuals become highly effective leaders so they can have a positive influence on the people they lead. She brings extensive experience in leadership development, communication, teamwork and human behavioral analysis (DISC) assessments to her work.

Experience and Insights…
Combining the experience and insights of her corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial background and driven by her desire to add value and make a difference in the lives of others, Yvonne focuses on helping companies and organizations grow the strength of their teams by working to create more effective communication, transformational leadership and high-performance teamwork. She has the ability to work with individuals and teams to assess their situation, make recommendations and help develop an action plan that produces great results.

Executive Director & Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team (JMT)…
Building on this success, Yvonne became a certified member of the John Maxwell Team where she is trained and mentored by the renowned leadership expert, John C. Maxwell and his world-class faculty. She is a John Maxwell Team Executive Director and serves as a member of the John Maxwell Team President’s Advisory Council (PAC).

Mentoring, Coaching and Developing others…

Yvonne holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Management with a certificate in Diversity Training from Cambridge College, and a master’s degree in Theological Studies with a focus on Leadership Effectiveness from Bethel University. Yvonne is also a graduate of The Campaign School at Yale University. She is an ordained minister, a notary public and serves on numerous non-profit boards.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader.

Yvonne Mitto The John Maxwell Team Executive Director      Yvonne Mitto The John Maxwell Team Certified Member      Yvonne Mitto The John Maxwell Team DISC Method Consultant

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My passion is to equip and inspire individuals to become highly effective leaders so they can have a positive influence on the people they lead. I am committed to helping individuals and organizations succeed.

Therefore, my goal is to add value by working with corporate, non-profit and faith-based organizations to help individuals not only to acquire the necessary skills to lead effectively, but also to inspire others to become great leaders and develop the next generation of leaders.

testimonials: hear the good news


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